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Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of ketosis.

We believe that everybody—from the committed athlete to the occasional exerciser—deserves to experience the mind- and body- boosting benefits of ketosis.

Avela™ natural (R)-1,3 Butanediol is a palatable, affordable, and effective ketogenic ingredient, offering an easy and accessible way to raise ẞ-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) levels. It’s naturally-sourced and is designed to seamlessly integrate into any number of products to help more people achieve ketosis. Avela™ is made via a proprietary and sustainable fermentation process using natural plant sugar and is purified in a GMP facility in the United States. It is enantiomerically-pure (R), plant based, and easy to formulate for food and nutrition products.

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Available in consumable and technical grade formats.
Avela™ (R)-1,3-Butanediol
Technical Grade (R)-1,3-Butanediol

Demonstrated Effective in Raising BHB Levels

A new clinical trial further supports that Avela™ is effective at raising BHB levels within 30 minutes of ingestion, providing a new way for consumers to experience the benefits of ketosis of increased endurance, mental clarity and sustained energy.

GRAS-Affirmed and Ready for Use

Avela has been concluded to be generally recognized as safe (“self-GRAS”) by a panel of independent, qualified scientists for use by the general population when used as directed as a source of energy in beverages, bars and gels.

By incorporating Avela™ into your products, you can confidently offer your customers a natural, GRAS-affirmed and effective product.


Approvals & Certifications

Produced via a proprietary manufacturing process where non-GMO plant sugars are fermented into high purity, enantiomerically pure Avela™ (R)-1,3-Butanediol

GRAS affirmed status in the U.S. for use as a direct food additive in beverages, bars and gels for human consumption.

Manufactured in accordance with all applicable good manufacturing practices.

Product Information:
Chemical name
IUPAC name
EC No.
Clear, colorless, hygroscopic liquid
Faint, characteristic
Totally miscible with water. Dissolves most essential oils and synthetic flavoring substances
Purity (%)
Minimum 99.7
Chiral Purity (%)
Min 99.0
Specific Gravity at 20°C
Water (%, wt)
Not more than 0.5


GRAS affirmed for its intended use as a source of energy in beverages, bars and gels under the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.


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Produced via a proprietary manufacturing process where non-GMO plant sugars are fermented into high purity, enantiomerically pure Avela™ (R)-1,3-Butanediol.


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Made from plant sugars through a natural fermentation process, Avela™ is a natural source of ketones for clean and natural energy, with no sugar, fat, protein or caffeine.

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Processed in the US in accordance with all applicable US current good manufacturing processes.


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Manufactured via a proprietary fermentation process using non-GMO plant sugar followed by processing to a high purity product, and then the product undergoes additional purification processes in the United States in a facility that is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Technical Grade


Technical Grade (R)-1,3-Butanediol is available for product opportunities such as synthesis of ketone esters. It is not intended for direct consumption.